Relax & Unwind

It's not all about the music and mountains! As well as our breathtaking alpine yoga, Mayrhofen also boasts a wealth of wonderful spas and saunas, rooftop jacuzzis and some sumptuous restaurants (the local beer is world famous).


Mayrhofen plays host to some of the most luxurious spas in the Austrian mountains. From roof-top hot tubs offering panoramic views of the gasp-inducing peaks, to balmy Moroccan themed pools and relaxation rooms. So kick off those ski boots, shake the pine-cones from your hair and book yourself in for pure relaxation.


Fancy stretching out, getting limber and quite literally becoming one with nature on the mountain each morning? Then look no further than Snowga! Increase flexibility, raise serotonin levels and boost confidence with one of these special sunshine sessions. Namaste.


Mayrhofen is home to a serious amount of incredibly tasty restaurants! Think mountain-top fondues, perfectly crisp schnitzels, juicy steaks and delicious alpine apfelstrudel - washed down with a bottle of red straight from the wine cellar, or draught beer brewed just down the valley. Get ready to scoff your way around the 'hof!

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