Sink The Pink, Antarctic Monkeys, The Cuban Brothers, Mr Motivator, Pat Sharp, Fat Buddha Yoga, The Provibers, Hip Hop Karaoke & More Announced!

Ahh the Craft of Daft, salacious silliness in the snow, mega madness on the mountains and a f$#%ing fiasco of fun! Wilder than an Austrian animal locking eyes with Hans The Butcher. We're back baby!

Let's be honest, it wouldn’t be our 20th birthday without The Cuban Brothers! The troublesome trio have brought their breakdancing breakdowns and budgy smuggling bash to the alps on more than one occasion and they never, ever, fail to please.

We're bringing back a bevvy of big names from across the years - from our Fun Haus fave Pat Sharp, our mountain peak perker-upper Mr Motivator, to the always peppy party starters The Provibers. Plus making a real brass of themselves are our trumpet troop, Loud Noises.

To indulge all of your intricate musical ideals, we've got Hip Hop Karaoke for our harem of hip hop heads, Antarctic Monkeys for a shindig and singalong (we BET that you look good on the dance floor!) Dig It Sound System bringing a big bassy bonanza, Chrissy Bang Bang doing her party with purpose thang, and Sink The Pink with bountiful doses of stilettos, sass and glitter-soaked good times. It's a colourful collective of laugh out loud ludicracy...

Harnessing some harmony across the hills and homes of Mayrhofen, Fat Buddha Yoga will be leading the downward dogs, the crows, the chairs, the trees, and the warriors (and all the other poses we can't pronounce the names of). Namaste. 

That's not all folks! This lot join our already announced armoury of adventures. 

Bring your best chat-up lines as our mischievous SB matchmakers set you up on the most scenic speed date of your life in our Chair Lift Speed Dating, pull out your dabbers for Bongo's Bingo, get knee deep in meat with one of Hans The Butcher's pop up parties and take part in one of our snow sport spectaculars at the notorious Ride & Seek!

There's loads of mischief to mosey into at SB19. What will you do first?!