If you created an SB Cashless account, loaded it with credit but didn't spend it all - not to worry, you can apply for a refund now! Please read on for a brief explanation of the the two-part refund process...


Part 1: If you topped up online, we are able to automatically refund up to that amount back on to your card. This Part 1 refund payment will be processed very shortly and should be be received on or around 3rd May 2019.
Part 2: If you topped up by card or cash in resort and/or your refund hasn't been fully settled during the Part 1 payment, you will need to submit a refund application form detailing your bank account and sort code. The form is available from Monday 15th April and the deadline for this application submission is Monday 29th April 2019 (23:59 CET). We will endeavour to process the refunds within 14 working days of the deadline.

If you do not submit a refund application form by the deadline date of Monday 29th April 2018 (23:59CET), the balance will not be eligible for a refund. 

PLEASE NOTE: following the processing of Part 1 and Part 2, should you have a balance left on your account, this is the 'bonus bucks', or other complimentary money amount left unspent on your account. Bonus Bucks / complimentary money are non-refundable and therefore this remaining positive balance is NOT due to be paid over to you. 

If you have issues with the refund process, please get in touch with Customer Services.